If you’re on a low salt diet, the words ‘trace’ or ‘<1% GDA’ next to the salt content are a bit like three of a kind on a fruit machine. You’ve hit the jackpot. For me, I read ‘trace’ as, ‘Eat as much as you bleeding like’.

One such item I discovered was Tesco Everyday Value Maple and Pecan Crisp (box of cereal). The best bit about this stuff is its price – 99p or thereabouts the last few times I’d bought it.


I should say that the best thing about this product was its price as yesterday I went into Tesco, and maple and pecan crisp has a new box, and a new recipe (as the front of the box proudly displays). And a new price – this maple and pecan crisp was £2.09p thank you very much. Still, I bought it because it’s low salt and we’ve nearly ran out.

When I got home, I thought I’d have a quick squiz at the ingredients to witness this ‘new recipe’ that had meant the product needed to double in price.

The two products have exactly the same ingredients, just in a slightly different order (vegetable oil and wheat flakes are switched around – exciting new-recipe-like stuff!). The new recipe has 36% oat flakes, while the old had 37%. The new recipe gives you a stonking 7% pecan nuts, while the old included a stingier 6%. The new recipe’s crowning glory? 3% maple flavoured syrup. Double the measly 1.5% in the old box. In short, they’ve chucked in some extra maple syrup, and charged you between 60p* and a £1 extra for it.


Even on the Tesco website (yes, they sell both on there!) the prices between the two differ by 60p per pack, this seems to vary store to store. In stores, they tend to sell one or the other, because let’s face it, a supermarket would look pretty stupid to sell two products exactly the same, for two different prices. Wouldn’t they?


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