What is a Sunday morning without a sausage I hear you ask? It is nothing.

Because I know how much salt sausages contain, I avoided them* like the plague for the first three months of my low salt diet. In fact, the day I declared wistfully in the office that I ‘Hadn’t had a sausage in a long time’, it was met with some amusement.

Sausage related innuendos aside, my quest for a low salt sausage began. After six months of Frodo Baggins like journeying across barren wasteland (the internet), I found it. In Tescos**.

The sausage I found is not in fact a sausage at all, but a chipolata. And we all know that a chipolata is just a skinny sausage (to some extent, this will account for the lower salt content of course). But it’s a bloody good chipolata – an outdoor bred pork chipolata no less. They’re a bit pricey (£3.29 for 12) but they’re often on two for a fiver. To put the salt content into perspective there is 0.5g of salt in two (two!) of these sausages. A regular Tesco Finest pork sausage has 1.1g for two sausages.

Surrounding the offending sausage sandwich with reduced salt products always makes one feel better.

Surrounding the offending sausage sandwich with reduced salt products always makes one feel better.

So I sneak one of these little beauties into a slice of Weight Watchers malted Danish bread (the lowest salt shop bought bread I’m yet to find) spread it with unsalted Lurpack, and squirt a little Heinz reduced salt tommy k/ brown sauce and I’m sorted. Sunday mornings return to normal. Now all I need is low salt bacon and black pudding and I’m the full English again.


*As an aside, I also avoided chips (fries) for the first three months, forgetting that actually the salt is added to them. This discovery meant that chips then became a staple of my diet for the next three months, until I remembered that, salt or no salt, chips still make you fat.

** Actually just called Tesco, but it annoys pedants if you call it Tescos.


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